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Great article.

It was the government that spat on the Viet Nam Vet not hippies. It's much easier to blame siblings that it is parents. Viet Nam vets don't want to vent their anger and sense of shame against the real culprit, Uncle Sam, so instead they create this "myth" that it was their scummy little brother, hippie dippie doolittle that shamed them. Freud would have a field day analyizing the displacement.

Although the dynamics are somewhat different, I would wonder if to some extent the same thing is not occuring with Iraq, although the protestors have been more politely keeping their mouths shut, and yet Bush has cut the guts out the VA so that our honorable and glorious warriors will not get any health care when they return home, or will find it very difficult to access. Isn't this another example of Vets being spit on? It is so hard to criticize the very Commander in Chief who they have sworn to serve, who never did his duty himself during Viet Nam and "spit" figuratively in the face of that war and its participants, and yet loves to play Rambo, as if this were some kind of movie and land, in costume, on an aircraft carrier in flight suit as if it were some kind of "Made for Prime Time" Movie.

OK, I'll shut up.

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This is a bunch of crap, the hippies did spit on vets and they did treat them like shit. Anyone that cannot admit that either is either a coward or stupid. My Uncle died in the Vietnam War, and thanks he got for serving his country? A couple nice calls in the middle of the night, to his already emotionally destroyed parents (yeah my grandparents) that went like this - and I quote; "your baby killer got killed" tell me that is not the truth and I swear you will go to hell. My dad told me that story. My uncle was the kind of guy that came from a blue collar family and worked his way up, he was known at school by everyone and loved by everyone, and the teachers knew him as the class leader. Tell me this is not wrong. This is also not just a "way out" thing, my dad served his country that same year his brother died, to continue his brothers beliefs against communism and to stop the abusive people in control in Vietnam. My dad came home to some hippies at the airport who flipped him off. So don't make excuses for your mistakes, they happened and the least you can do is admit your wrong doing and apologize. Although it's sort of too late for that know.

God forgive you

K. Bowman

Lembke writes in Spitting Image: Myth and the Legacy of Vietnam:

“Slightly less direct but still compelling evidence might be found in news reports of the late 1960’s and early 1970’s.”

Here is a news account from 1971 from CBS News:

Here is the link:


CBS Evening News for
Monday, Dec 27, 1971

Headline: Vietnam Veteran
(Studio) January, 1971, report on medics in Vietnam recalled; retd. medic featured.
REPORTER: Charles Collingwood
(Manhattan, Kansas) Delmar Pickett, Junior, hero, returns from Vietnam, finds US indifferent to war; vets' unemployment high; returns to school at Kansas State University as better student than before Vietnam experience. [Student Gwyn STEERE - speaks of Pickett's modesty.] [Vietnam film from earlier feature shown.] Pickett home is in Olsburg, Kansas. [PICKETT - tells of being spit on in Seattle, WA.] Disillusioned but not downed by Vietnam experience. [PICKETT - tells of experience as medic in Vietnam.] [Father Delmar PICKETT, Senior - says son more settled.] [MOTHER - says son a much better student than formerly.] Drugs no problem for Pickett. 2 1/2 million Vietnam vets.
REPORTER: Morton Dean

Where did the story of anti-war folk spitting on Vietnam Vets start? I’m going to guess that it started with people watching Walter Cronkite’s evening news two days after Christmas in 1971.

I think the idea that the stories were an urban myth is itself an urban myth.


I think the best evidence cited is that it seems most of these hippies got off scott free. Which is a highly suspect notion. If the spitting incidences happened with the frequency we are told they did, the airports of the 60's and 70's would have been filled with hippies with fat lips! Not to mention that said scuffle would have involved the police and would have led to said fat-lipped hippies being hauled off! Show me a police report detailing such an arrest and I would be more inclined to believe that spitting on returning soldiers was the main tactic of anti-war hippie protesters.

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