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Fabulous photo! Our own leaf day is in March - better seen in the more Southern parts of our country. Canberra trees put on a very good display. Most of our native trees are evergreens but the formal gardens in the Blue Mountains area are beautiful in autumn also. Obviously I'm going to have to do a trackback to this post in our autumn with our best leaf day locations, Dan!

Mary Lou

What a cool idea!!! I think I will Blog-you FORWARD!!


This photo makes me yearn for home -- Syracuse, NY. Autumn is my favorite season. I grew up recreating in the Finger Lakes region (have family there too) and can't imagine a more lovely place on earth. Though I'm obviously biased. :)

Living here in Austin, TX, there is one place to go that reminds me of home -- Lost Maples. However, it's but a mere shadow compared that.

Have you ever been to Letchworth State Park in the autumn? Phenomenal.

I look forward to celebrating Leaf Day with you in spirit.


Leaf Day officially adopted on Goose Creek. All work will cease and the hired hands will don rubber boots and walk the length of the creek in the water among all the myriad colors of floating leaves. Thanks for the excuse, although as you might know, none is needed around here.

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