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My experience has been sort of the opposite... coming back to Japan, after 15 years away, had, while helping me to see myself better, also reminded of so much that I could never be and that I have lost. I remember returning to visit the site of my family's first apartment in Japan during 1969 and 1970, only to find the space turned into an 8-space parking lot. Just imagine what that does to one's memories of childhood!

But then, I'm still looking for the sniffing post where I can start urinating. I guess I'm still a lost dog. And it's good to know that I still have the capacity to sniff! Eventually I will get the odors just right and settle down. I know it will be exactly what I am looking for, and, oddly, it sounds exactly like what you have found.

L. Ellington

I came to this blog by entering 'gardener' in the Google Image search - to see what kind of cloths gardeners wear all over the world. Then your blog caught my eyes. Leaving home, coming home, searching for your identity and finding out where you really belong have been my theme too.

And surprise, surprise, now I found Butuki-san's comment. I have been away from Japan for 20 years... how would I feel if I were to return to Japan.. will it be still my home?

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