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I had heard the term 'ambergris' before ... I think I even associated it with whales in some capacity ... but had no idea what exactly it is - how interesting.


I did not know this--thanks for making scents!


It is fortunate the whale is not harmed by the exploitation. Fascinating!


Wow I'll have to pass this along to my colleagues swimming in perfume & cologne, around my desk

Thanks for the lifejacket, but I’m still about to puke over this rancid odor


Is this Ambergris stuff the same ingredients thats in Amber perfume? Just curious..



I believe I have some ambergris. Anyone know what the prices are and who might be interested?


Thank you in my class in college no one believed that this stuff was made of whale vomit so thanks for posting this info so easy for me to find

joyce Miller

I recently met a woman from Saudi Arabia, she told me of this whale perfume.She was wearing it and it has a wonderful smell.

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