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Uh, where I come from, those pretty little flowers are a weed almost as aggressive as morning glory. You'll find they will grow big enough to shade out anything else and, having finally made it into your lawn, they'll form a dense knot of stems and roots you will eventually dig out with a garden fork.
It looks like "Celandine," or Wood poppy, according to the site


Good luck.


I am intrigued by the small photograph at the top right of the page, with what appears to be footprints worn into a wood floor. Can you elaborate on what/where this is? What a charming site you have. Thank you!


this is what looks like a wood poppy, but i'm not sure it actually is. if it is, be sure to take good care of it. it is on the endangered species list and is rearely found growing in Canada or the United States.


can you send me informationabout endangered speices. please as soon as you can.

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