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nonni walters

ditto that. here's another one: he wished he was on vacation. he wished he WERE on vacation. nyw


"Hah!" to the prudes:
Kenneth G. Wilson (1923–). The Columbia Guide to Standard American English. 1993.

hopefully (adv.)

is a sentence adverb that has raised the hackles of some conservatives, but probably its overuse has made most of the trouble; it had been a perfectly good sentence adverb for generations before the recent objections were heard. Those who don’t like it usually urge that I hope that or It is hoped that be used instead, but hopefully is in fact Standard, just as are most other sentence adverbs

On the other hand, I cannot understand why "as to" is considered acceptable. "About" or "concerning" makes sense. Linking two prepostions together when one will do sounds ridiculous. However, since I can't find any websites citing a complaint with "as to," I'll have to resign myself to my idiosyncratic objections on the matter.

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